Hi, I’m Tyler PSwitch Dow.

I am a professional artist & entrepreneur committed to creative, event, and talent development. My passion and expertise is in developing, creating and facilitating art, content (commercial, studio, branded, local, community & family friendly) & events. My range of experience includes writing, project + team leading, marketing & advertising, content management, client/user outreach + more. I take pride in my ability to create innovative and reaching concepts while motivating a team to accomplish a unified vision.

As a professional:

My skills have added value to a myriad of creative roles and entrepreneurial endeavors. Over the last decade, I have worked on a wide variety of independent and branded projects, and have created hundreds of hours of content with organizations, BLOX NYC, Thrillist, Edible Bronx magazine, Gigfinesse, among many others. I have collaborated on content with local businesses including Bronx Fashion Week, Bronx Tech Week, the Third Avenue BID, Webster Hall, restaurants’ Charlies Bar & Kitchen, Milk Burger, real estate organization, JCal Development and many others.

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As a Host:

As an Entrepreneur


With KOO/co, I have created, released and produced several albums, series’ and podcasts. Examples are the podcasts: Saturday/Morning/Synopsis, and the professional wrestling series and brand, Cause Silent P Said So. I am co-producer of the music producer collaboration series, The Arsonist Sessions, and the artist vlog series, OH MY KOO. I have also produced several events catering to demographics and ages of all ranges. One example is the PRESENCE/ABSENCE exhibition, in collaboration with the City College of New York, where we provided a gallery for college seniors. This event was held at THE WEREHOUSE, a studio I managed and ran in Long Island City. NEO XL, an art show and rooftop party co-curated by myself was also held at this location. Another example is, LAN PROJECT (& the LAN MIND FEST), a 2-day art & music festival featuring NYC artists presenting work with a focus on the symbiotic relationship of culture and technology. This event was held at the Bronx Music Heritage Center.


As owner & manager of STUDIO 91 NYC, an independent music studio in Queens, we have worked with 100+ local & international artists crafting music and podcasts.

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As an advisor, I run an independent financial business, where I focus on helping and improving the financial health of artists, families and entrepreneurs. I have helped dozens of individuals and families secure and create a healthy relationship with their finances and goals for the future.


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