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Financially Free, NYC

We believe we are underserving our community when we aren’t connecting with our peers.

Holistic Financial Planning

Tyler PSwitch Dow, Artist & Entrepreneur

CEO/Founder, KOO/co & Financially Free NYC

Co-Owner/Manager, Studio91

I help people (artists, entrepreneurs, families) and businesses create financial plans to multipurpose their time 🕰 dollars 💸 and efforts 💪🏽.

🎯 My mission is to impact as many valuable, forward thinking people as I can. I believe that’s how you make a true impact on community.

We help individuals, families, artist & owners:

  • reposition assets

  • avoid market loss

  • create tax-free asset

  • transition efficiently from

    qualified assets for retirement

  • get the most of your pension

  • create lifetime income

  • understand & maximize pension

  • turn single purpose dollars to multipurpose dollars

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15 minute financial consultations with an artist, entrepreneur and Bronx native.

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