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The Arsonist Sessions

A series where music producers collaborate together for the first time.

Created & Curated by Reyes (1stLoveMusic)

  1. Episode 1: Tha Jerm

  2. Episode 2: Fareneheit

  3. Episode 3: King Leek & Malcolm Sef


A Vlog Series by Tyler PSwitch Dow.

Season 1

  1. OH MY KOO #1 | Pilot

  2. [‘silent/P] Does A HS Film

  3. What’s the black ppl national anthem?

  4. The Making of Monkey

  5. 2019 Recap

  6. Brooklyn Rehearsal

  7. Brooklyn Metal Show

  8. I Wear White After Labor Day

  9. Deadhead Freddy Quarantine Rehearsal

  10. What If… PSwitch made Inspo Content

Season 2

  1. New Age Punk

  2. AEW Dynamite + Rampage Full Atmosphere

  3. SANO II KOO (Empath)

KOO Theory

Hosted by Tyler PSwitch Dow

| Music, thoughts & updates.

Preshows 1-5

KOO STORIES #WWiF Watch Alongs


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