a theory of earth & rebellion


there are two constants that we encounter in this realm.

  • Earth (erTH) - the unchangeable circumstances of your situation.

  • Rebellion (ri’Belyen) - every daily decision you make on your own.

We describe it as one's /koo and it's become a religion, a mind state and a reminder.

The Mantra.

It is not a matter of social status,

rather a presence of being.

earth // erTH

The irremovable circumstances of life.

ri’Belyen // rebellion

The choices and decisions made on a daily basis.


Providing a truthful lens on miscibility by displaying people and their creations.



is a multimedia and design conglomerate, headquartered in The Bronx, New York.

Unofficially formed in 2012 (officially in 2022), the company operates as a

  • Record Label

  • Film & Production Studio, and

  • Publishing House

We have coined The Theory of KOO, a belief that every individual has the ability to elevate one’s self by accepting one’s EARTH & establishing one’s REBELLION. When an individual finds their KOO, there is an acknowledgment of one’s existence, self worth, accountability and ability.

The company also owns the fashion house, APKC, and the art house, PSRSLY KOO.

It was created and is owned by Tyler PSwitch Dow, co-owner of Studio91 NYC (with 1stLoveMusic Matt Reyes) and the financial business, FinaFree NYC. Though operated separately, they are affiliates and often collaborate with KOO/co.